• 2018 Symposium Maktaba ya Sanaa

    In november 2019 during the Culture Festival librarian Khadija Issa Twahir and I organised a symposium to spread knowledge of the arrival of several new titles for the Maktaba ya Sanaa Collection. On the occasion Taarab singer Halidi composed and sang a new song. Various local educators and curators visited the symposium and discussed the necessity and possibility to collect the items they thought necessary for such a collection. They wished to have more books or dvd's about their own history and culture. But were concerned we would not be able to find many, since it is an oral culture- according to the audience. The school's curriculum doesn't allow for real art and craft education. This is also a reason why young people would not choose a career in woodcarving, plaster and stucco design or textile design. The parents don't consider this wise and modern choises.  But with more material to show in the library, teachers could explain the richness of the culture better. Poet and teacher Ustadh Mau stated the importance of starting to read about things near to you and thus creating an appetite to know more and explore further and deeper.